About Bassology©

World renowned bassist Anthony Wellington coined his unique approach to music “Bassology” and he has been developing and delivering his one-of-a-kind Bassology curriculum since 2006.  The effectiveness of Bassology has made Anthony one of the most in-demand bass and music theory educators in the world.

The goal of Bassology is to give a musician the skills and knowledge necessary to fully express themselves musically at any time and in any situation.  

Bassology is fueled by passion and based on logic and efficiency, incorporating concepts of music theory, math, grammar, communication, athletics, psychology, philosophy, and common sense.

Anthony is approachable and accessible to his students, and this is reflected in the Bassology curriculum.  Bassology breaks complex music theory concepts in to easily understood ideas that are almost immediately reflected in his students’ musicianship.

Anthony teaches Bassology individually to students via Skype and in-person.  His roster includes touring musicians in bands, broadway and Vegas shows, and on cruises; studio musicians, recording artists, musical directors, and weekend warriors; university students and high school students seeking scholarships; doctors, lawyers, tech pros, retirees, a professional comedian, and a well-known actor; beginners, intermediates, and advanced.  The only requirement for studying with Anthony is a genuine thirst for knowledge and a solid work ethic.  He is “dedicated to the dedicated.”

He teaches groups in clinics, masterclasses and camps around the world, including Berklee College of Music, Musicians Institute, Atlanta Art Institute, Stanford University, Victor Wooten’s Wooten Woods, Gerald Veasley’s Bass Bootcamp, Roy Vogt’s Fantasy Bass Bootcamp, Paolo Schianchi’s L’Innovatorio Di Musica, Kansas City Bass Workshop, his own Bassology Around the World and Bassology at Sea masterclass series, and many, many music stores around the world.


An avid traveler, Anthony created Bassology Around the World to give students the opportunity to vacation and get the Bassology curriculum on cruises and trips to exciting destinations.  In 2019, Bassology Around the World offered Bassology at Sea cruises to the Caribbean and Greek Isles.  Bassology Around the World offered masterclasses and clinics taught exclusively by Anthony in Italy, the FL Keys, Australia, and New Zealand.  

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Private Skype Lessons

Anthony Wellington teaches Bassology lessons via Skype to students around the world.

For more information on private lessons, please read the student policy on the Bassology.net homepage.

Private In-person Lessons

Anthony Wellington teaches Bassology lessons privately in-person in his studio in Calvert County MD and also  around the world in association with Bassology Around the World events.

Bassology Clinics

Anthony Wellington’s Bassology clinics are very popular with all musicians– not just bass players!  Anthony creates music on the spot from attendees’ input and talks about what makes that possible.  He shares his approach and thoughts about the art and science of music.  Because attendees are encouraged to ask questions and pick Anthony’s brain, every clinic is a little different.  Anyone who appreciates the arts and artists will leave a Bassology clinic inspired to view music, the world, and themselves a little bit differently than they did when they walked in the door.  

What do other teachers say about Bassology?

Victor Wooten

"Anthony is one of the best music teachers I know. He teaches stuff that other teacher don't even know...I would recommend him to teach anybody!"

Chuck Rainey

"It has been such a pleasure to share a teaching forum with Anthony over the past 10 years. His thoughts and skills as a teacher have further inspired me as I teach!"

Adam Nitti

"I don't know if I have ever encountered a bass educator as complete and comprehensive as Anthony Wellington. He has something to offer for any level of player, and his commitment to excellence is second to none."

Gerald Veasley

"Anthony Wellington has the ability to make complex musical concepts understandable. He is committed to sharing his vast knowledge and seeing bass students learn and grow.”

What do bassology students say about studying with Anthony?

Dr. Joseph McClendon

"A mentor is both teacher and instructor with the unique skill to bring the lesson home in a way that makes the student believe they can and will execute the lesson. Anthony Wellington embodies the mentorship role like no other. He has a special talent to deliver a message in a way that makes every student feel like he's talking to just them. His brilliant ability to craft even the most complex of topics in the simplest form is only surpassed by his depth of musical wisdom and his talent as a musician.”

Malcolm -Jamal Warner

"Anthony Wellington belongs to a small club of individuals who are as incredible as teachers as they are musicians. That said, Anthony plays bass for Victor Wooten so it stands to reason that Anthony Wellington is arguably one of the best bass educators in the world, period. His Bassology studies are a treasure trove for a beginner as well as for anyone looking to take their musicianship to the next level.”

Steve Arnett

"Anthony's approach to teaching is so different from other instructors, it took a few sessions to realize he is taking me on a path...a path that dissects the instrument and music in a way that allows for a solid knowledge foundation from which I can express my musical voice.”

Glenn Meier

"I once heard Anthony say that being the best at something means that you have more tools in your toolbox than other people. By that measure, Anthony is simply the best bass teacher on the planet. His mastery of the craft of playing is part of it, but more importantly Anthony has the ability to pass that information on in a way that any student can understand. He adapts to the needs of all levels of students and like all the great ones, he makes it look easy. If all that wasn't enough, Anthony is a model for how to bring a keen sense of discipline to your music while still having a lot of fun! I feel privileged to be able to study with Anthony."

Melanie LeGoullon

"When I decided to study the electric bass, I had already been playing and reading music for 30 years on the cello and piano. Nevertheless, I learned more about theory and musicianship from Ant in a few lessons than I had learned in the previous thirty years from other music instructors. He's really that good.”

Todd Tawdry Hamby

"Vestibulum dapibus odio at nisl consequat, in semper augue auctor. Duis risus felis, pulvinar quis tempus vitae”

Will Davies

"I feel I need to correct what I said about last night's [Virtual] clinic. I should've said I THOUGHT I already knew some stuff you taught us. Been practicing this morning, concentrating on my thumb technique, being efficient with the motion and getting the speed up and consistency between every note. Thank you once more man! Unlocking the secret of the bass universe!!"

Marc Rivera

"I'm a dedicated Bassology student, but here's the funny thing. I play guitar. You might think it's odd to learn an instrument from someone whose primary instrument is different than yours. However, Bassology isn't about playing bass, it's about playing music. Likewise, Anthony isn't just a great bass player, he's also a world class musician and a master teacher. Working with Anthony has allowed me to work on my dexterity, refine my technique, increase my knowledge about music and music theory, and play with confidence. He has also helped me to develop a broader view of the various roles my instrument plays in a band. Be warned, however, that playing and practicing alongside Anthony is enough to make even the most dedicated guitar student think about picking up a bass!"

What do endorsers and partners say about anthony

Dave Avenius
CEO Aguilar Amplification

"Anthony has a diverse and interesting resume, making him very well known to bass players around the world, but he’s also one of the best clinicians we’ve ever known! Because of this, we’ve had him teach more clinics at Aguilar than anyone else. Everyone always leaves feeling educated and inspired, no matter their level of ability."


"Fodera guitars is incredibly honored to have Anthony as part of our roster of players and consider him to be one of the most comprehensive, insightful, and engaging clinicians today. Anthony has the unique ability to take some of the most complex elements of music theory and make it accessible and understandable to any level of musician. In addition, his level of committment and intentionality to his students are second to none."