Bassology Skype Lessons

Bassology Skype Lessons

Skype Guidelines:

All lessons are scheduled in Eastern Standard Time

Skype lessons are $80 an hour and must be paid in advance.

All payments are to be made through PayPal.  PayPal ID:

Skype ID name:  bassology1

****Important pre-Skype checklist****

PRIOR to your appointed time for lesson, please make sure all of the following items are fully functional:   

Make sure you have a strong internet connectionand that your Skype audio and video are operational.  It is highly advised that you tur off anything else that is connected to the internet by wireless or WIFI as this will take up bandwidth needed for the Skype session.  If your lesson begins and you are unable to make your Skype work correctly, you will still be charged for your lesson time.

It is suggested that you have a pen and paper handy and/or a voice recorder.

If you think you will have questions during your lesson, don't wait until your hour is up!  Ask all of your questions during your alloted time for lesson.  If your lesson does go over it's alloted time, you will be charged for additioal time in 20 minute increments at $20 per increment.  Lessons are often scheduled every hour and any time used beyond your scheduled time will affect the next Skype student. 

Skype lessons are by appointment only. While Anthony is touring or traveling for clinics, availability is limited due to the heavy touring schedule and availability of WIFI while on the road. For all Skype lessones, please contact Anthony directly via email Thank you

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