Bassology Student Policy

Effective November 5, 2021


Bassology is an educational institution designed to foster the serious study of electric bass guitar, music theory, and music theory application with the goal of artistic expression and exceptional music proficiency.  

Bassology curriculum is effective for other instruments, including vocals, because music theory and its application are not specific to any instrument.

The only requirement for studying with Anthony Wellington is a genuine thirst for knowledge and a solid work ethic.  He is “dedicated to the dedicated.”

Bassology reserves the right to discontinue any student at any time.

Inquire About Lessons

Email Anthony Wellington at after reading the Bassology student policy.

Lesson Cycle Options

Bassology lessons are scheduled weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or occasionally based on your ability to keep up with the curriculum.  Bassology curriculum teaches musical concepts physically, sonically, visually, and intellectually.  Because of the intensity and depth of Bassology lessons, Anthony Wellington recommends bi-weekly lessons for most students.


Because Anthony Wellington teaches students worldwide, we schedule and communicate about lessons in Eastern Time regardless of your time zone.  Eastern Time (ET) is the easternmost time zone in the United States and is often referred to as “New York Time.”  When you communicate with us about scheduling lessons, ALWAYS use Eastern Time, regardless of your time zone.

We recommend loading a world clock app on your phone so you are always clear on your lesson time.

Bassology lessons are exclusively scheduled with and taught by Anthony Wellington.

Bassology lessons are scheduled by texting Tamatha Bechtel at 305-407-4298 via text, iMessage, or WhatsApp.

Weekly and bi-weekly lessons are at the same time and on the same day for weekly and bi-weekly students unless mutually rescheduled.  Monthly and occasional lessons are scheduled as the Bassology schedule permits.  Scheduling a monthly or occasional lesson is initiated by contacting Tamatha Bechtel via text message at 305-407-4298.

Important note for bi-weekly students:  The scheduling cycle for bi-weekly students begins on the day of the first lesson and continues EVERY OTHER WEEK until either you or Bassology gives notice of discontinuation.  If a lesson is canceled or a make-up lesson is scheduled, the ORIGINAL BI-WEEKLY SCHEDULE REMAINS IN EFFECT.


*Rates are subject to change.

Regular Weekly Students:   $80 per hour paid for the entire month in advance of the 1st lesson for that month. ($320 if the month has four lessons; $400 if the month has five lessons.)

If you know that you cannot attend a lesson at your regular weekly time, please give us as much notice as you possibly can.  Bassology will make every attempt to reschedule that lesson.  If we cannot reschedule, please only pay for the number of lessons you will receive that month—we will honor the $80 per hour lesson fee as long as you return to regular monthly lessons the following month.  ($240 if the month has three lessons;  $320 if the month has four lessons.)

Regular, Scheduled Bi-weekly Students:   $85 per hour paid in advance of the 1st lesson for that month. ($170 for two lessons in a 4-week month; $255 for three lessons in a 5-week month.)

Monthly or Occasional Students:  $90 per hour paid one day in advance of each lesson. Please do not pay for your monthly or occasional lesson more than one day before your scheduled lesson time.


Please pay in advance of the first lesson in your cycle via PayPal ID  Please schedule your lesson before making a payment via PayPal.

Gift certificates are valid for one month from the date of validity printed on the gift certificate and are not transferrable to a third party.

Cancellation Policy

The lesson fee is waived for a lesson canceled 24 hours or more before the scheduled lesson time if Bassology cannot reschedule your lesson.

You are responsible for paying the lesson fee if you cancel your lesson less than 24 hours in advance of your lesson time.

Bassology is not obligated to make up lessons or credit for lessons you cancel or miss.

Permanent cancellation of weekly or bi-weekly lessons requires a 30-day notice.  If you cancel your weekly or biweekly lessons with less than a 30-day notice, you are still responsible for paying for that cycle.

Late Policy

Students who are late for their scheduled lesson will not receive their full lesson length.  If you do not answer the Skype call within 10 minutes of your scheduled lesson time, you are a “no show,” and your lesson and payment are forfeited.

It is common courtesy and professional to let someone know that you are running late, and we expect nothing less of Bassology students.  Most tardiness is easily avoided by good planning, and we expect that from Bassology students.

Bassology and Anthony Wellington do not tolerate tardiness.  Anthony Wellington lives his life by the motto, “On time is late!” Anthony aims to instill that value in every Bassology student.  If you are habitually tardy, as determined by Bassology and Anthony Wellington, you will be immediately removed from the Bassology roster and are responsible for any lesson fees that complete your current cycle.

“No Show” Policy

A student who is more than ten minutes late for their lesson is considered a “No Show.”  No Shows are responsible for paying Bassology for their scheduled lesson time, without exception.

If you have an emergency and cannot make your scheduled lesson time, notify Bassology as soon as you can.  We will do our best to reschedule your lesson within your current lesson cycle.  Please know that Anthony Wellington maintains 80 students on his roster with a long waiting list, so rescheduling your lesson may not be possible.

You are still responsible for paying for lessons that are canceled less than 24 hours in advance of your lesson.

If you are a “No Show” for two scheduled lessons, you are, without exception, removed from the Bassology roster and are responsible for those lesson fees.

Sick Policy

For my well-being and the well-being of other students, in-person students should stay home if they are not feeling well, even if it’s just a little cold or any other “minor” illness.  An in-person lesson can be switched to a Skype lesson if you are well enough to take a lesson but possibly contagious.  My livelihood and yours depend on good health!

Apps and Materials for all students

You will need three apps loaded onto a smartphone or tablet before your first lesson:

  • iRealPro for music accompaniment
  • Tempo metronome app (or other metronome app that has various time signatures)
  • SuperMetronome (paid version) or another programmable drum machine app

Anthony highly recommends having a notebook and pencil, a voice recorder, and a mini dry erase board within reach.

Skype Students

Please make sure your Skype lesson set-up is operational before your lesson time.  Test your Skype lesson set-up with another person well in advance of your lesson.  I recommend testing Skype at least 48 hours in advance of your first Skype lesson.  If you cannot make your Skype function correctly at the time of the lesson, you are still responsible for the lesson fee.

Send Anthony Wellington a contact request through Skype to Skype ID bassology1 at least 48 hours before your scheduled lesson time.   

If you do not send the skype contact request in advance of your lesson and Anthony cannot contact you at your scheduled lesson time, your lesson is forfeited, and you are responsible for the lesson fee. 

Anthony will call you via Skype at the time of your lesson.  Be prepared!  Being prepared for your lesson means your Skype is up to date and functioning correctly; your instrument is tuned; the three apps required of all students are loaded on your device; a notebook and pencil are within reach; background noises and distractions are eliminated; your background is “lesson worthy”; your internet connection is strong; etc…  Anthony will treat your Skype lesson with as much respect as an in-person lesson and you should, too.

Make sure you have a strong internet connection.  Bassology recommends that you turn off WIFI on other devices for the duration of your lesson to ensure the strongest bandwidth for your lesson.  If the lesson begins and you are unable to make your Skype function correctly, you are still responsible for the lesson fee.

Student Policy Questions

If you have questions about Bassology’s student policy, please email your question Bassology Director of Business Development Tamatha Bechtel at  Thank you.