Bassology's Student Policy


Monday-Friday 9:00AM to 9:00PM business and or Skype lessons every day by appointment only.

Bassology is an educational institution designed to foster serious study of music and electric bass and to enable students to function as performing artists. Bassology reserves the right to discontinue a student at any time.

Lesson rates are as follows, and subject to change:
$70 per hour for regular weekly students
$80 per hour for non-weekly students.
Payments to be made in advance via Pay Pal ** Please schedule your lesson before making payment via PayPal**
Pay Pal ID:
Payment is also accepted by cash or check made payable to Wellington Music Services, LLC.  There will be a $25 fee charged on all return checks.

Lesson is at the same time/day every week for weekly and bi-weekly students unless mutually rescheduled.
Payment for the entire month for regular students is required at 1st lesson of the month
Payment is expected for all scheduled lessons for regular weekly students, whether attended or not.
Bassology is not obligated to make-up lessons or credit for missed lessons.   
Students who are late for their scheduled lesson can not be guaranteed their full lesson length.
Permanent cancellation of lessons requires a month notice.  Payment is expected for a full month after notice is given.
Lessons cancelled 24 hours or more before the lesson are not subject to charge.
For lessons cancelled within 24 hours, a charge equal to a one-hour lesson is expected.
If lessons are bi-weekly, the schedule cycle will begin the day of the first lesson and continue EVERY OTHER WEEK, until notice of discontinuation is received.  Please note that if a lesson is cancelled or a make-up is given on a different day, the ORIGINAL bi-weekly schedule remains in effect.
If your Skype lesson is via a Gift Certificate, it will only be valid for 1 month per gift certificate from the date of purchase and cannot be transferred to a third party.


Please make sure you have a strong internet connection and that your Skype is operational if you are new to Skype PRIOR to your lesson time. I highly recommend that other devices in your home are disabled from the internet during the time of your lesson to ensure the strongest bandwidth for your lesson.  If the lesson begins and you are unable to make your Skype function correctly, you will still be charged for the lesson time.
*If you are not available to answer the Skype call within 15 minutes of your scheduled lesson time, your lesson and payment will be forfeited. 
All lessons are scheduled in Eastern Standard Time
*Send Anthony a contact request through Skype to Skype ID:  bassology1
*Wait for Anthony to contact you at the appointed time of your lesson.

It is recommended to have pencil and paper with you, a voice recorder and a mini dry erase board.
For your own practice, I recommend you have a smart phone or tablet with iRealPro app for music accompaniment, Tempo or any other metronome app, and Super Metronome app for drums.

Since I am a professional musician, my livelihood depends on my good health.  Illness for me is a major problem, because it means cancelled concerts, lessons and lost income.  Please do not come to your lesson if you have a cold or are sick with some other possibly contagious disease.  Any scheduled in-person lesson can be switched to a Skype lesson if you are ill and still want to do your lesson.

Please Download the PDF, Sign and bring with you to your first lesson.