About Private Lessons

Bassology is an educational institution designed to foster the serious study of electric bass guitar and music theory and its application with the goal of artistic expression and exceptional music proficiency.  The Bassology method is effective for other instruments as well, including vocals, because music theory and its application are not specific to any instrument.  That said, Bassology was originally created by a bassist for students wishing to excel at the electric bass guitar and most Bassology students to this day are bass students.

The only requirement for studying with Anthony Wellington is a genuine thirst for knowledge and a solid work ethic.  He is “dedicated to the dedicated.”

Anthony teaches his Bassology curriculum privately via Skype to students all over the world.  He also teaches in-person lessons in his studio in Calvert County, Maryland, USA and when traveling for Bassology Around the World events and Bassology Clinics.

Students considering private lessons will decide whether their lifestyle allows for regular weekly lessons, bi-weekly (aka “every other week”) lessons, monthly lessons, or occasional lessons.  The best results will be achieved with consistency in attendance,  consistency in practice, and adhering to the Bassology method. 

All the details about private lessons, like scheduling, rates, and so on, are listed in the Student Policy on this site.  Here’s a link:  http://bassology.net/student-policy/

Students have shared their thoughts about being a Bassology student in the “About Bassology” section of this website.  Here’s a link:  http://bassology.net/About-Bassology/